Laura Hendrickson

Ozarks Regional Director for Missouri State Parks

Nearly 10 years ago Gary and Bogzdogz performed at a fundraiser I was planning. What an energetic show he and his canine friends entertained us with! It is no surprise that Gary’s kindheartedness has grown into a passion of continual learning. Bug’s story and Gary’s insights call us, as ‘dog lovers’ to examine and grow the relationship with our canine companions as well.  

Tracy Custer

10-time Disc Dog World Champion Dog, Trainer, Purina Farms

"I have known and respected Gary for over a dozen years as a fellow dog sport competitor and enthusiast, and his new creation, WHAT YOUR DOG WANTS TO TELL YOU, demonstrates exactly why he has been so successful as a trainer and competitor for so many years. He bridges the gap between simple dog training and true relationship building, while proving we have as much to learn from the dogs as they do from us.......maybe more! From simple tips to important life lessons, Gary finds a way to show us that every dog has the potential for greatness, whether that be as a world champion, or a champion companion. And if we listen to lessons the dogs are teaching us, so do we humans!"

Michael Hendrickson

Missouri 30th Circuit Judge, Triathlete, and dedicated dog runner!

Heather M. Cline

Attorney and Fellow Dog Lover and Agility Enthusiast

Have you ever wondered what your dog would say if she could talk? Bug knows! And shares in this delightful journey through the days in the life of Bug. A must read for all dog lovers!

Dr. James Cook, DVM, PhD, OTSC

Chief, Orthopaedic Research Division, Author of Hand-Delivered Hope

“WHAT YOUR DOG WANTS TO TELL YOU”, by combining science, psychology, and empathy, he is able to give us all an honest and valuable perspective on dogs, humans, and the partnerships we can enjoy together. I love that he uses what he has learned about dogs to show us what we can learn from dogs. I wholeheartedly agree that dogs are gifts from God and we need to be effective teachers, and learners, and make sure we are creating joy-filled experiences as we build relationships and enjoy activities. Bug teaches us so many valuable life lessons if we will open our minds and hearts to them and allow them to show us how to become better people. Thanks, BUG, for sharing your story through Gary so that all of us “two leggers” can live life better with dogs like you and with each other.

Jack Canfield

Coauthor Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul. ® 

Gary Boggs is an entrepreneur, business owner, and a cattle rancher, and he’s been training rescue dogs for the last twenty years. Now he has written a wonderful book that’s called What Your Dog Wants to Tell You: Lessons From Bug, A Rescued Dog. I’ve had dogs that have been rescued my whole life, so I was very interested in this book. It really teaches you about how your dog thinks, and I learned a lot from this book. When I started reading, I just kept turning pages and learning more from his dog Bug. It helped me understand my dog Joe better, and I think it will help you if you have a dog or are interested in getting a dog.

Daisy Peel

2020 Agility Challenge

Gary’s book wonderfully demonstrates how our dogs, just by being who they are, have the capacity to help us as human beings to be our best selves. Whether it’s through participation in structured activities together, such as discdog, obedience, agility, therapy work, or herding, or unstructured activities like fetch, or simply spending time together, Gary’s book illustrates the possibilities that open up when we open ourselves to the lessons our dogs have to teach us. This collection of life lessons, written from the point of view of Gary’s rescued Australian Cattle Dog, Bug, is a heartwarming reminder that by adapting to our dogs’ needs by changing our own behavior, we not only provide our dogs with a better life, but create a better, more fuller life for ourselves.