The Show Room

Show dogs are natural show-offs.  No pun intended!

I'm Bug

My name is Bug!  My leash is the conductor that transports my thoughts about training to my best friend, Gary D. Boggs, aka my handler.  You can see my pack below.  These dogs taught me that dogs are much like people in respect to having individual interests and, if handled appropriately, can (just like people) obtain a high degree of success in the field they choose.

My Pack

From left to right, you see Mollie B, Babe, Duchess, and Prince.  And of course, there's our pack leader and best friend, Gary D. Boggs!   

Mollie B

This is Mollie B!  She overcame a crooked leg as a pup, a broken leg, and two tick borne diseases to become an AKC Masters Agility Champion. She was a Champion agility dog in two different venues! She would often win her class and won 126 High In Trials.


This is Babe!  She was the daughter of Duchess and Duke.  She was very good at working cattle and she became the top scoring cattle dog in AKC Obedience in 2012.  


This is Duke!  He was rescued from a busy highway.  He taught Gary how to be kind and gentle to a dog that had obviously been abused.  Also, he ignited Gary's interest in training dogs to work cattle.  Duke, and his daughter Babe, were the first dogs Gary trained.


This is my sister, Duchess!  People say we look alike.  Duchess started out as strictly a cattle dog.  But Gary soon learned that her real love was playing frisbee.  She taught my handler that there is more to life than working cattle.  So, he went to disc dog training seminars with Duchess to learn competitive frisbee.  She became a world champion frisbee dog and was a six times world qualifier in micro disc-dog. 


This is Prince!  He was a top flight obedience dog and worked cattle.  


Brownie was Gary’s first dog when he was young. Gary's father said Brownie was a Screw Tail Bulldog. They lived in a small village of 400 people on the banks of the Wabash river in Illinois. Brownie had the run of the entire village. Sometimes he would come home in the evening with bones he had found around town. Other times he would come home with gashes in his flesh showing he had been in a fight with some neighboring dog.

The Show Room