Gary Boggs is an entrepreneur, business owner, and a cattle rancher, and he’s been training rescue dogs for the last twenty years. Now he has written a wonderful book that’s called WHAT YOUR DOG WANTS TO TELL YOU, Lessons from Bug, A Rescued Dog. I’ve had dogs that have been rescued my whole life, so I was very interested in this book. It really teaches you about how your dog thinks, and I learned a lot from this book. When I started reading, I just kept turning pages and learning more from his dog Bug. It helped me understand my dog Joe better, and I think it will help you if you have a dog or are interested in getting a dog. -Jack Canfield, Coauthor Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul. ®

Gary has all the credentials for assisting Bug in writing WHAT YOUR DOG WANTS TO TELL YOU, Lessons from Bug, A Rescued Dog. Gary has been a dog handler for twenty years and has handled only rescued dogs. He stands out as the only dog handler that not only worked dogs on the ranch, as cattle herders, but also handled those same dogs in the sports of agility, obedience, discdog, herding, as well as pet therapy and has reached National honors in agility, obedience and discdog. These experiences and expertise made him a person that people can trust in the writing of WHAT YOUR DOG WANTS TO TELL YOU, Lessons from Bug, A Rescued Dog. He is a proponent of choosing the sports and activities that the individual dogs want to compete in rather than choosing a sport that he wants to compete in and then choosing a dog to fit into that specific sport. He has the trusted experience that has allowed him to learn to view things from both the dog’s eyes and the human’s eyes, then translate that into easily understandable, how to tips and lessons for people with dogs.

Gary is a successful entrepreneur that owns and operates a cattle ranch, owns Applewood Lane Corporation, that does multiple services such as residential services and in-home health for people with disabilities, and has been an educator as a high school coach, high school principal, and superintendent of schools. Being a BS in English degreed college graduate Gary contributes his most useful experiences in life to handling dogs. Being a successful businessperson, educator and dog handler, Gary is the most capable person to help Bug narrate a book on giving lessons for becoming not only, a better dog handler and successful businessperson but also becoming a happy and joyful person that enjoys life and can serve a purpose of helping others do the same.